Dynamic Context

Passion and Excellence Experience and Skill


Since the beginning of the company, we are engaged in a dynamic context and involved in innovation activities at international level.

Sharing, participation, passion, excellence, are the key words that characterize the culture of our company.

The experience and the skills of Peyrani are a real differential and conpetitive tool for the service to the companies.



The PEYRANI TRASPORTI S.p.A. Group has been operating as a leader company in exceptional transports, crane services and port handling.A leading company in this business, the PEYRANI TRASPORTI S.p.A. Group has worked for many well established companies like ILVA, EDIPOWER, ENEL, ONU, MARCEGAGLIA and has developed in many years the know how thanks to its very long experience in all the above mentioned activities.

Being a stevedore company in the ports of TARANTO and BRINDISI, we are able to offer a complete service of integrated logistics. Our service includes the loading/unloading of any type of good from a vessel, general and project cargo, bulk materials, containers and vehicles. We also provide a complete handling service: first, we transfer the goods from the wharf to the storage areas inside the port, or to our onw areas, then we reload them on our special equipped trucks and then we transport them up to the final customer.

Each Customer of PEYRANI TRASPORTI's Group knows that he can trust us; we are strong and reliable partner of integrated systems and TURNKEY SOLUTIONS .

We operate from two of the most strategically ports in Southern Italy. The harbour of TARANTO and BRINDISI, with water depths up to 15 and 14 meters respectively, allow for the entrance of every type of vessel. Large areas within the harbour compound are provided for the storage and handling of cargo: Taranto offers 1,000,000 sq m and Brindisi 300,000 sq m.Our Customers know that starting from the port of TARANTO and BRINDISI where their vessels are loaded and unloaded, all logistic details are carried out by us. We handle any and every kind of good, regardless of their dimension or volume, or whether it is general or project cargo, wind turbine components, bulk materials, containers or vehicles. Then we provide also the transfer of the products to the storage areas inside the port, or in our own areas, we reload them on our special equipped trucks and take them to the final customer.