Each Customer of PEYRANI TRASPORTI’s Group knows that they can trust us; we are a proficient and reliable partner offering solid


  • We operate from two of the most strategically positioned in Southern Italy. The harbors of TARANTO and BRINDISI, with water depths up to 15 and 14 meters respectively, allow for the entrance of every type of vessel of every class.
  • Extensive areas for the storage and handling of cargo are provided within the harbor compound: Taranto offers 1,000,000 sq m  and Brindisi 300,000 sq m.
  • Our Customers know that starting from the ports of TARANTO and BRINDISI - where their vessels are loaded and unloaded - on, all logistic details are carried out by us. We handle any and every kind of good, regardless of their dimension or volume, or whether it is general or project cargo, wind turbine components, bulk materials, containers or vehicles.
  • We also provide the transfer of the wares to the storage areas inside the port or in our own areas, and further reload them on our special equipped trucks and deliver them to the final Customer.

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