Our company has also more than 80 years of experience in exceptional transports all over Italy.

Exceptional transports requires knowledge which our company can provide: which type of truck to use, what equipment is necessary, and local versus national laws and regulations. Other existing variables, such as ground conformation and what type of good one is transporting also come into play.

In few words….each transport is unique, thus each individual transport requires its own special attention.

That’s why we don’t prepare the transport only at the desk and on the paper, but our staff of skilled personnel and experts  is doing an inspection directly where we should do your transport in order to analyze all the different possibilities and to offer you the best possible solution according to all the different specific elements which were founded out for the specific case.

In the execution of the transport your good is handled by our driving personnel which has a deep experience gained in many years and sometime also trough generations from father to son.

Briefly…..we are taking care of your goods !

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